We are at a critical juncture in the fight against TB.

Now It’s Time for you to join the fight.


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End Tuberculosis

We are at a critical juncture in the fight against TB. This past September, the UN held its first High-Level Meeting on ending Tuberculosis while the Global Fund, the #1 funding body for TB initiatives, will have its triannual replenishment in October. Now, It’s Time! for you to join the fight. If in 2019 we are sticking it to TB, each one of us has to build accountability, promote an end to stigma and discrimination, and push for equitable, rights-based & people-centered responses to TB. Scroll down to take action by copy-pasting, signing, tweeting and sharing the templates, social media toolkits, and links that we’ve posted in the line below. Because if we’re going to rid the world of TB, it’s going to take all of us.

Know the Symptoms

Every year, among the estimated 9 million people who develop the disease, 3 million are missed – not diagnosed, treated, nor counted. Don’t be one among the statistic – if you suspect you have Tuberculosis, get tested. Learn more about the symptoms of TB here.

Spread the Facts

Misinformation about TB, can lead to social stigma including discrimination, withdrawal from society and the perpetuation of baseless myths about the disease. That fear can result in hesitancy to get tested and treated. Find the facts and share them here.

Support Global Fund Replenishment

The world’s #1 TB avenger is the Global Fund, funding thousands of organizations and programs in over 100 countries. This year is the replenishment and it’s expected to generate over $10 billion to support local, targeted initiatives all over the world. Learn about the Global Fund.

Spread the Facts