In the 21st century, the microbial world poses new challenges to global health. All of us are answerable to each other when it comes to contagious infections. This means that we need to update our approach to global health.



What we do


We address two of the largest threats to global health: pandemics and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). 

For each, we tell stories to raise awareness and inform key audiences about existing challenges and opportunities for impact. We frame strategic calls-to-action and present them to communities, leaders and decision-makers at events and on digital and social channels. And in a concerted effort, we spread our messages and calls-to-actions throughout a global, multi-stakeholder network of health, policy, environment, non-profit, academic, medical, healthcare and scientific organizations.

When it comes to resistant infections and communicable diseases, we know that each of us has a part to play, but that it's not always simple. We aim to make it easier for you to play yours.



our community

Our work is supported by a global network of impact partners, mission allies, and media partners aligned to our mission. If you're interested in joining it or learning more about collaborating with us, let us know.


Ending Pandemics

Mobilizing pandemic preparedness through documentary film, advocacy and events. This campaign has engaged stakeholders and communities around the globe, driving new dialogues and mobilizing early action to stop outbreaks from turning into pandemics.

Fighting Superbugs

Antibiotics are the foundation of modern medicine. What happens when they stop working? This upcoming is a three-year initiative to align stakeholders in the fight against resistant infections through strategic content, advocacy and design.